Ras al khaimah
+971 6 7488 358 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 P.O Box 18179, New Industrial Area, Ajman, UAE
+971 6 7488 358 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 P.O Box 18179, New Industrial Area, Ajman, UAE
+971 6 7488 358 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 P.O Box 18179, New Industrial Area, Ajman, UAE
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Manufacture Rubber Products

Blossom Manufacture is dealing with all types of rubber products like Flanges & O Rings, Extruded Products, Wheel Chocks & Parking Blocks; etc. 

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Smart Technology

We use industrial equipment to create design and production. Our engineers use smart technology to obtain powerful efficiency, achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

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Durable Products

Blossom Manufactures design Tough, Resistant and long-lasting product following industry standards. 

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Featured EPC Works

We don’t only sell products or part but we are also a well-known
EPC contractor in the region.

Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Product Design & Production

We can offer you a wide range of Polyurethane products such as Rectangles, Square bars, Rollers, Sheets, Trolley Wheels, Pulleys, Blocks & Pads. All polyurethane products are available in the form of molded and finished machined products. Polyurethane products are also machined as per the requirement of our customers.

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Marine Fenders & Body Bumpers Products

Different types of marine & industrial fenders, body bumpers are manufactured as per customer specification and sizes requirement.

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Rubber Grommets and Mountings

Anti-vibration Pads and Mounts used in different fields of industrial applications such as Generator, Compressor, Processing Machine etc. Grommets for drip irrigation, electrical panels, Switch gear etc. 

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Conveyor Belts & Rollers

We can offer you variety of conveyor belts and rollers for moving things from one place to another. we can also carry out cold vulcanizing of conveyor belts in situ. 

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Blossom Manufacture’s Story

The com­pa­ny announced its intent to go pub­lic in February 2015. It seeks to use high-qual­i­ty material and dis­tinc­tive inte­ri­or design to bring ele­ments of fine product to quick-service production. The visible founder Mr. Babu Kakkadan himself says its mis­sion is to make a good brand in the UAE market.

In 2015, the brand started a new factory in Ajman emirate as well as added new types of machinery and tools to make design better as per our valuable customers.  


  • As per our requested specification, they supplied us with very well quality extruded products…

    John Smith
    CEO Of Rubtech
  • They offer you variety of conveyor belts and rollers for moving things from one place to another. They can also carry out cold vulcanizing of conveyor belts in situ…

    Alan Gordon
  • Even if you ask them a large variety of Rubber sheets, Malts, and Floorings depending upon the usage; In industrial, General and Construction applications can also be supplied…

    Janet Joles
    Purchasing Officer